Where Ice Cream Meets Cocktails in Kennebunk

KENNEBUNK, Maine – Rococo Ice Cream’s Dessert Bar recently opened and offering an assortment of delectable delights and craft cocktails.

The restaurant at 8 Western Ave., next to Federal Jack’s, will be open year-round and has an extensive menu of more than 50 items, all averaging between $10 and $20, including adult milkshakes, mocktails, affogato and desserts.

“I see the dessert bar as the perfect place for a sweet drink or an afternoon treat,” said owner Lauren Guptill. “The romantic in me imagines it will be the site of many first dates, as well as a meeting place for friends and families.”

Recently opened, Rococo Ice Cream's Dessert Bar offers a selection of delicious treats and craft cocktails.

Fans are already bubbling to the surface, including a “Sea Bacon” Brownie Sundae that uses smoked eel from Portland-based American Unagi. Another playful dessert favorite is the Caviar Cake, grilled like French toast and bursting with salty, sweet and citrusy umami flavors. For traditionalists, Rococo Dessert Bar also offers sweet treats in the form of dark chocolate cake or a Root Beer float, which can come with or without alcohol. Finally, for guests looking for a cocktail experience, The Queen Has Spoken is packed with flavor notes, including gray cherry and pistachio jam, while the Soap Opera is a luxurious cocktail served in an elaborate glass and topped with a dash of Rococo. lemongrass sorbet.

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