We eat raw cookie dough and drink brunch in a glass

From the Inbox: We found these deliciously fun products and thought we’d share!

SEATTLE — Amity and Suzie tried these three products including 2 Kellogg collaborations.

EatPastry Vegan Raw Cookie Dough.

  • The founders are highly qualified pastry chefs who attended the French Culinary Institute in New York (now the International Culinary Center).
  • Started in a garage in 2007 when nobody was talking about veganism, they are now a staple for celebrities and everyday consumers. However you enjoy it, raw or baked, it’s like no other (you wouldn’t know it’s vegan and rivals the big brands!).
  • Cookie dough is made with heat-treated flour and no eggs, so it is safe to eat raw. It is also available in gluten-free and all flavors and varieties are non-GMO.
  • EatPastry proves that you can make a small change in your diet to improve what you eat without sacrificing taste!

Egg brunch in a glass – a boozy drink for adults

Brunch is all about bacon, eggs and drinking cream. Eggo x Sugarlands Distilling Co. are collaborating again (note that it’s sold out Echo Still?) to reveal the first ever booze infused breakfast: Egg Brunch in Sippin’ Cream. This deliciously drinkable collab blends the flavors of sweet maple syrup, rich butter, smoky bacon and classic Eggo waffles – the perfect pairing for your brunch. Eggo Brunch In a Jar is available for sale online through ReserveBar in-store at select Kroger, FRYS, Total Wine and Hy-Vee retailers.

Pop-Tarts x Crocs = Croc-Tarts!

In an unconventional move that combines fashion and taste, Pop-Tarts and Crocs teamed up to create Pop-Tarts Croc-Tarts, an ingenious fusion of taste and footwear that uses a characteristic feature of both brands: holes.

The Crazy Good experience comes with everything fans need to enjoy all the Croc-Tarts fun:

  • Unfrozen pop-tarts with jibbitz to eat: Boxes of Unfrozen Strawberry Cakes and Strawberry Blueberry Flavored Gummy Cakes in the shape of Crocs to decorate (and eat!) your unfrozen cakes.
  • Crocs with Jibbitz Charms to Wear: A pair of iconic Crocs Classic Clogs with Pop-Tarts-themed Jibbitz Charms and red strawberry-inspired socks.

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