Walmart worker celebrates one-year work anniversary alone in car

A Walmart employee posted a video of himself celebrating his one-year work anniversary for the retailer by eating some cake alone in his car.

User Ray (@.ray_mtz03) wrote that “no one remembered” his work anniversary, leading to his lone dessert, sparking a larger conversation about companies that don’t value their employees.

@.ray_mtz03 #fyp It’s okay, at least I had my cake #viral #ray_mtz03 #walmartemployee #1 year anniversary #anniversary #1 year #nobodyremembers #fypage #for you #eat alone #cake #fyps ♬ Mouse eating sound – Haider 🇮🇶

In the video, Ray pulls a chocolate “ring” cake topped with vanilla frosting out of a plastic bag. He takes a treat from the package and bites the entire cake while sitting alone in his car.

He writes in overlay text that provides more context to the lonely scene, “POV: No one remembered your 1 year anniversary” as he stares out the windshield of his vehicle, accompanied by sad piano music.

One commenter noted that they had a similar experience in their own work, writing: “It’s all favoritism, they did the same to me. I saw them go to all the other employees because they preferred them.’

Someone else who appeared to work for Walmart seemed to suggest that there really was no excuse for his co-workers to forget that it was his one-year work anniversary.

“It literally tells them on the app too,” they said.

Another user said he was the only person at his job to congratulate someone on their 30-year work anniversary.

“I work at lowes, we just had a guy who had been with the company for 30 years and I was the only one to tell him congratulations and give him a cake, it kind of hurt me,” they said.

Another shared what they received for being in the job for 12 months in a row, saying: “I got a little note saying ‘thank you’ and a one-year pin to put on my name tag.”

Work Man says celebrating “service milestones” and work anniversaries is a compelling way to help employees feel valued in their work.

“Work anniversaries are all about recognizing people and their contributions … (and they) remind employees of what they love about the company,” the blog says. “When done right, anniversaries remind employees that the company cares about them and wants them to succeed.”

AND Celebrating 20 years for a Walmart employee named Jeff It also spread to TikTok in October 2022, sparking conflicting opinions from various users on the platform. Some employees thanked him for his service, while one thought the video was “slightly sad :(” and another said, “And Jeff probably got a Walmart water bottle for all his years of hard work.” Recently, an employee Walmart has gone viral for criticizing employees who have worked for the retail giant for decades.

The Daily Dot reached out to Ray via TikTok and Walmart via email for comment.

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*First published: July 17, 2023, 3:29 PM CDT

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