This is the most searched for cake recipe in the South

Our proven recipe is worth sticking to.

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Magdalena Niemczyk – ElanArt/Getty Images

There is no shortage of sponge cake recipes on the internet. About 172,000,000 results pop up when you Google sponge cake, and each recipe has its own take on the dense buttery confection. We have developed many cake recipes ourselves Ivy Odom’s Cheesecake or a Classic chocolate cake for chocolate lovers.

But neither of these recipes is the one most sought after by readers. Instead of, Southern life readers preferred a slightly simpler recipe that, despite its meager ingredients, comes together to create a cake that is more than the sum of its parts. So much so that you’ve earned it handsomely rich reputation…

That’s because the most searched for cake recipe in the South is our Million Dollar Pound Cake. And after one slice of this pie, you’ll understand why.

Photography: Caitlin Bensel;  Food Styling: Torie Cox

Photography: Caitlin Bensel; Food Styling: Torie Cox

Million Dollar Pound Cake

Why this cake is worth a million dollars

Okay, so unlike most homes in many American cities, this cake may not cost literally a million dollars, but it’s the kind of no-fail recipe that’s definitely worth sticking with. It all starts with the kilo butter (fitting, right?) which is forged into light and airy. (This is a key step; don’t try to rush it.) The sugar is then added, followed by the eggs, before the flour and milk are added alternately. Finally, vanilla and almond extracts are mixed in to give the cake its characteristic taste.

Although simple, this recipe yields a moist, buttery pie with a golden brown crust. Bake low and slow at 300°F for about 1 hour and 40 minutes until perfectly tender but not dry.

It’s so delicious, it really only requires a few simple garnishes, maybe a handful whipped cream and some fresh strawberries. But you can also enjoy it on its own or toasted with a little butter and served warm for breakfast. (Who doesn’t like cake for breakfast?)

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What readers love about this cake

With several 5-star reviews, there’s no doubt our readers love this pie recipe, but we won’t speak for them. Instead, we’ll share the highlights, like Charlotte McNichols’ review, which reads: “This is my absolute go-to recipe. It has never failed me.”

One Southern life a member noted in his review how many ways you can change the recipe to create new flavors of pie. “I’ve been making this cake for years. It never fails, it’s always a hit, and with a little imagination it’s easy to change up. Add lemon zest or change the flavors, maybe add a swirl of crumb topping in the middle – it just makes a new cake.”

Some readers have even divided the dough between two bread pans and found that it also bakes perfectly. (Make one for yourself and share the other as a gift!)

Others added a citrus glaze into a cake to add another dimension to a simple dessert. You can even cut slices lemon curd, for those who like sour-citrus desserts. But those are just a few ways to dress up this classic recipe. Try it yourself and get creative with your own clever twists.

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