The Halloween Cookie Challenge gives us a half-face zombie makeup in ep 2

For the first challenge of the second episode Halloween cookie challenge, four bakers must do a decorating challenge in which they make a “half face makeup” cookie. Bakers must create two identical cookie self-portraits. However, one cookie will be scary while the other will be normal.

For this first challenge, the two cookies must connect to form the perfect face. And bakers only need to make one dough for these two cookies. This is really all about the design work.

So let’s get to know the bakers. First up we have Jessica Black baking a Miso Brown Butter Cookie. Next up is Jas Deoja who makes a cardamom orange pistachio batter. Our third baker is Nolan Schooley, who makes the pumpkin spice batter. Finally, we have Loren Stanard baking a raspberry pretzel and chocolate chip cookie.

The Halloween Cookie Challenge gives us an unpredictable decorating challenge before we go all out on the zombie displays

While the baking seems to be going well, Nolan falls behind other bakers when it comes to the decorating part of the challenge. However, by the end of the first Halloween cookie challenge around the episode everyone seems to have made cookies and delivered some great suggestions.

Sadly, one cookie baker has to go home at the end of this first challenge. So which baker will be eliminated after the half-face make-up challenge? Unfortunately, the one who went home after the first round Halloween cookie challenge was Nolan.

Heading into the second round, the display challenge, it’s all about how they resemble the live cookie display of zombie body parts. They have to make two different cookie doughs, they have to be 3D and the display has to be at least six inches tall! Bakers must also include a special oozing ingredient.

For Jas’s cookie doughs, she makes a Ube Coconut Strawberry cookie and a Lichee Raspberry cookie, using raspberry jam as an ingredient. Makes a zombie leg for her body part.

At Loren’s station, she makes a lemon blueberry cookie and a chocolate orange cookie, using orange marmalade as an ingredient. He also makes a zombie leg for her body part.

Finally, we have Jessica making a white chocolate clove cookie (with cranberry jam as an ingredient) and a fig balsamic cookie. Her body part is her hands!

After a hard-fought baking battle, it’s a race to the finish line to finish their zombie body part displays. And yet, all three bakers were able to deliver amazing zombie body parts.

Honestly, all three of our bakers got amazing comments from the judges. It really looks like it’s going to be so hard for them to pick a winner. But $10,000 is at stake and someone has to win.

Finally, the baker who wins the second episode Halloween cookie challenge for season two it’s Loren!

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