“The Bachelor” star Matt James went to the Hilton DoubleTree just for the cookies

Ex Bachelor star Matt James and girlfriend Rachael Kirkconnell are putting to rest recent breakup rumors. The pair, who met on the ABC series in 2021, took to TikTok earlier this week to show fans they’re still sweet on each other.

After being noticeably absent from each other’s social media profiles in recent weeks, the former TV couple are back to what they do best: being adorably in love and… eating. On Tuesday, James shared a video of his longtime girlfriend on TikTok, writing, “When everyone found out the twin tree was giving away FREE cookies 🍪💀.”

Kirkconnell proudly walked out of the hotel and declared, “They had some!” before sharing his live (and first ever!) reaction to the famous cookies DoubleTree hands out to guests.

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“Why the hell are they in the front desk? He pulled them out of the drawer,” Kirkconnell says after tasting the cookie. “Oh my god, and they’re good. Why have we never stayed at a DoubleTree? Look at that!”

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But here’s the thing: It seems like they’re not even in the hotel. For starters, Matt waits in the car while Rachael goes into the lobby to ask about them, before asking James himself why they “never stayed at the DoubleTree.” Don’t get me wrong. We respect the hustle.

It is clear that they are not the only ones either. “😂 throwback when we went to catch some summer omg,” wrote one user on TikTok.

Another joined in, writing: “Wait do you have to stay there? Or can you just ‘stop’ and get something? @hilton.”

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Meanwhile, others were a little salty about how the couple snagged the cookies. “Better not ruin it when people start getting them without staying there 😭😭😭,” the TikToker wrote. Another said: “For guests…”

Despite the backlash in the comments section, everyone seemed to agree on one thing: they are cookies that good. “THEY ARE SO GOOD,” one fan wrote, while another added, “And they are the BEST cookies.”

Now, if someone from Hilton could slip into my DMs and let me know if *just anyone* can raid the cookie drawer (like we did a few years ago) that would be great. Until they do, I’ll have to make them at home.

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