Sweet Arts: The mother-daughter duo specializes in quirky, quirky cake designs

For over a decade, local mother-daughter duo Amanda Powell and Angie Hawks have been making some of the most unique cakes in Ark-La-Tex. Their business, Sweet Arts Cakery, combines their love of art and baking.

“I started at The Bakerman and then I hired my mom,” Amanda said. “We learned how to make fondant sculptures and that became our specialty.”

When Bakerman quit, Amanda and Angie decided to open their own bakery. They loved the welcoming and positive atmosphere that Bakerman created and wanted to bring that to Sweet Arts Cakery.

The duo specializes mainly in cakes and welcomes quirky, unusual designs.

“We love doing anything related to Halloween, horror, sci-fi, Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. Our butter cakes are some of my favorites that we make,” said Amanda.

They pride themselves on being a different bakery – one that pushes the boundaries of culinary art – and hope to attract more like-minded people.

“We’re horror, geek, nerdy people and we want them to come here,” Angie said. One of their most popular flavors is Essence of Faire, a combination of almonds that Angie roasts herself, cinnamon and honey. Amanda and Angie love visiting Renaissance fairs and feel that the flavor really captures their core.

Halloween has always been a huge part of their lives. Angie has fond memories of parties as a child. “My dad was a Halloween geek,” she said. “We had huge Halloween parties,” and that carried over into Amanda’s childhood. It is a relaxing vacation for them. “In darkness we find beauty.”

The Sweet Arts Cakery duo loves collaborating with other local bakeries on fondant sculptures. “Some may think we are competing with each other, but we are not at all. They enjoy working with other bakers in the area and supporting local businesses in any way they can.

Their customers range from New Orleans to Branson, Mo. “We had a cake that we delivered to Rockwall, Texas, in pieces and we had to put it together; it was a Beauty and the Beast theme. Amanda had to use a step stool to stack everything where it needed to be,” Angie said.

They don’t have a storefront and decided not to add one at their location. “We’ve had a store before, but that’s not our business. They plan to add a pickup area in the near future.

All their cakes are made to order and the best way to place your order is through their Facebook page below. Their Facebook also displays various of their work over the years. Amanda and Angie are planning to branch out and would love to feature some of their items in cafes and host other events. On November 4th, they will be at Universal Vibe in downtown Texarkana, Ark.

Amanda and Angie hope to grow locally and want to be the place to go for non-traditional cake designs. Goofy or gory, Queens of Halloween and Horror Cakes of Texarkana have it covered.

Sweet Arts Cakery can be found at facebook.com/sweetartscakery. It’s the best way to get in touch with them and get the fastest possible response.

Nicci McCarty, who lives in Texarkana, is a writer, photographer, songwriter and musician. He performs independently and with his band Brain Panic.

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