Skippy Girl Scout Cookie PB Bites are the perfect sweet treat

While Girl Scout Cookie season may be short, Skippy Girl Scout Cookie PB Bites bring these iconic flavors to the snack aisle all year long. Whether you enjoy them one at a time or grab handfuls, this combination of peanut butter and cookie flavors will change the way people think about milk and cookies forever.

For many people, peanut butter is a staple in their household. From a simple sandwich to a spoonful in this smoothie, the reality is that peanut butter can be used in countless ways. However, sometimes the most portable item is not necessary.

When Skippy launched its PB Bites, the brand combined classic peanut butter with other flavors to create treats. A cross between a snack and even a dessert, the flavors were nice for a handful or incorporated into a larger dessert. Regardless of the option, that open bag was quickly gone.

Skippy Girl Scout Cookie PB Bites available in three flavors

Skippy Girl Scout Cookie PB Bites available in three flavors, photo courtesy of Skippy

Joining these classic flavors are the new Skippy Girl Scout Cookie PB Bites. Available in three flavors Adventurefuls, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Coconut Caramel, the connection to classic seasonal cookies is clear. But these snacks are more than just peanut butter and cookies.

Kelsey Tynan, Skippy’s senior brand manager, said of the new offering: “The new Skippy PB Bites offer Girl Scout Cookie fans a new way to enjoy the flavors of their favorite cookies combined with Skippy’s peanut butter in this delicious snack. The new Girl Scout will not only provide a delicious treat to Skippy’s millions of fans across the country, but will also shine a light on this extraordinary organization that brings life-changing experiences to girls.”

After the opportunity to try these delicacies, the most successful offering is the chocolate peanut butter. The layered goodness has a vanilla center surrounded by Skippy peanut butter and covered in chocolate. The contrast of textures is nice, but it’s the layers of sweetness that make this goodness. A touch rich, a little salty and a hint of sweetness makes it hard to stop at a handful.

In addition, this flavor can be used in many ways. From topping a simple vanilla cupcake to layering a parfait, it may be best to buy two bags. Truth be told, sandwiching PB Bites between the soft sponge cake and creamy mousse is a treasure waiting to be devoured.

Looking at the other flavors, Coconut Caramel might be the one that everyone eats alone. Coconut in two places adds flavor and texture. It almost feels like an elevated chocolate to me rather than just another snack.

The Adventurefuls has the deepest flavor. That touch of sea salt and brownie dust is a clear nod to the Girl Scout cookie, but it stands on its own. As the name suggests, eating this delicacy is a taste adventure.

New Skippy Girl Scout Cookie PB Bites are hitting store shelves. Check with sellers for availability and price.

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