Shortstacks Kitchen brings smoked meats and sourdough bread to Evasville.

EVANSVILLE – Summer 2023 has been the season for new food trucks, and there’s another one to be introduced. His Shortstacks Kitchena West Virginia-flavored truck in sourdough bread, cured meats and country side dishes—and no, it doesn’t serve pancakes.

The car is named after owner Christa Chambers. Her nickname is Shortstacks because she is less than 5 feet tall, so a friend suggested she name her truck that.

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She and her husband Andy moved here from Charleston, West Virginia about 14 years ago with their three children. She always enjoyed cooking for her family and had friends who would occasionally ask her if she would cook a little extra for them. She knew that cooking would be a good business for her when she had time to start one. The truck has been running since May with Christa at the helm and the rest of the family helping out.

What’s on the menu?

Pastor Brian DeTalente receives an order of loaded mac n cheese from Christa Chambers of Shortstacks Kitchen on Sunday, September 10, 2023.

Homemade sourdough bread is a big deal for Chambers.

“It was one of the things we grew up with,” Chambers said. “When we moved here, people talked about it when I did it because it’s something you don’t see that much here, especially not on food trucks. All sandwiches on the menu are served on homemade sourdough bread.”

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