Nampa Baker stuns the Jonas Brothers with a special birthday cake

There were screams, cheers and pure excitement in Nampa over the weekend as The Jonas Brothers returned to the Ford Idaho Center for their latest tour. A packed crowd was ready for a show that offered 5 albums of their music in one night. Sure enough, they didn’t disappoint.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the entire show? Kevin Jonas celebrated his birthday the night of their show and the crowd had a lot of love on his special day!

One Nampa business owner, however, had the experience of a lifetime. Jess, the owner and operator of Wicked Cakes Company, had the opportunity to make a custom cake just for kevin jonas!!

Here’s a closer look at the Jonas Brothers birthday cake spotlight!

Behind the scenes with Baker Nampa, which went into overdrive for Kevin Jonas

Talk about an amazing local story – Jess, a baker in Nampa, made the most amazing cake for Kevin Jonas’ birthday before his concert in Nampa! Look!

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

As they took the stage at the Ford Idaho Center, they said there’s no place they’d rather be than Nampa for Kevin’s birthday!

A story like this is too special not to share! The Jonas management team could have chosen anyone to make Kevin’s birthday cake, but they clearly loved the work Jess was doing and sharing on her social media accounts.

We asked Jess for the full story, which is just too amazing not to share!

According to Jess, about three days before the show, she rejected a call from a number she didn’t recognize. Turns out it was Kevin Jonas’ people asking for a special birthday cake!

She said:

I’ve been a huge JBs fan since 3rd grade. I cried and almost threw up with excitement! I left it that Sunday and got tickets from them to sit up front and enjoy the concert and watch them bring out the cake I was supposed to bake for Kevin Jonas. I’m so freaking happy that I got the chance to do something as crazy cool as this!

We LOVE that Jess had this opportunity and we love even more that Jo Bros would support a local business like they did here in Nampa!

Find out more about Wicked Cakes Co, HERE.

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