Little Caesars Customer Shares $5 Cheese Bread ‘Hack’

Someone trying to popularize the Little Caesars “hack” — buying the chain’s Italian cheese bread with your last $5 left — instead got some backlash suggesting it might just not catch on.

The TikTok video celebrating the value of the cheese snack comes from creator @theecelebridee and has garnered more than 1.8 million views since it was posted on the site on Monday. In it, the creator claims that Italian cheese bread is a lifesaver when you literally have your last $5.

“It’s called cheap food,” he begins. “Every time I’m fucking broke and I’ve got $5 to my name, I go get Italian cheese bread.”

@theecelebridee I love you @LittleCaesars 🍕 #fyp #budgetmeal #foodunder5 ♬ original sound – birthday boy

He finishes the video by clarifying that it’s $4.28 — important when you’re trying to calculate tax and when you’re literally down to $5.

However, a number of commenters didn’t really see it as a hack.

“I’d buy a package of ramen to last me until my next paycheck with $5,” one pointed out.

Another shared: “At Chipotle, a kid’s quesadilla comes with 3 sides and a drink for $4.”

One, marveling at the content, commented: “Mans really said ‘every time I’m broke’.”

Others suggested items that were slightly more than $5, such as a Sam’s Club pizza that costs $7.

One chided: “I got $5 to my name and bought bread instead of a $5 smart pizza.”

A number of people responded that pizzas can no longer be had for $5 – that the regular price is in the $7-$8 range.

The comment led the creator to record TikTok’s response.

@theecelebridee Reply to @Mr.zaecrm leave me alone im break tf #fyp ♬ original sound – birthday boy

The creator noted that even if he could find a $5 pizza, it would be $5 plus tax, and with just $5, he literally wouldn’t have enough money to buy one — so he decided to get the more affordable Italian cheese bread. .

The Daily Dot reached out to the creators via TikTok and Little Caesars via email.

*First published: July 12, 2023, 6:03 PM CDT

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