Cupcake from Universal Studios Minion Cafe Land Orlando

The pink cupcake, topped with a Minion character with binoculars, was placed atop the former Monsters Cafe building in Universal Studios amusement park.

Workers were making adjustments to the top of the structure Thursday as passers-by walked past the park.

Universal Orlando is planning Minion Land, which would include the Villain-Con Minion Blast attraction, which is slated to open sometime this summer. She also announced a Minion cafe without sharing many details.

The cupcake structure isn’t on the same corner where Universal’s rotating monsters — Frankenstein, Wolf Man and Creature from the Black Lagoon — stood above the kiosk during the Monsters Cafe era. This restaurant closed in May 2022 and a blue tarp now covers most of the building.

Instead, the new pink pastry is on the corner next to the new attraction coming to the former Shrek 4-D, closer to the park entrance. It doesn’t have to be finished as a bar, maybe for a full-on sign or other enhancement, sticking out of the cherry side of the cupcake where the minion is standing.

No official word if the cupcake is banana flavored.

Construction walls surround a serviced restaurant near the Jimmy Fallon attraction at Universal Studios theme park.
Construction walls surround a serviced restaurant near the Jimmy Fallon attraction at Universal Studios theme park. (Dewayne Bevil/Orlando Sentinel)

Universal also added a Minion-covered construction wall around the counter-service restaurant next to the Music Plaza and the Race Through New York attraction starring Jimmy Fallon. This could mark the boundaries of Minion Land, although Universal is renovating several stands in the Studios park and next to the Islands of Adventure. The new attraction is across the boardwalk Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, which was opened in 2012.

The back of the Transformers 3-D building that looms behind the cupcake building has been painted teal. It was an industrial gray.

Elsewhere at Universal Studios, walls remain in the KidZone area, which saw five attractions close earlier this year. “ET” related merchandise is now a station just before the “Animal Actors” show where a Brazilian food stand stood during Universal’s Mardi Gras celebration. The ET Adventure ride remains open, but the entrance is at the far end of the KidZone construction wall. The Toy Closet area has been closed for renovations.

‘ET’ related merchandise is now for sale near the ‘Animal Actors’ show at Universal Studios theme park. (Dewayne Bevil/Orlando Sentinel)

Most of the Mardi Gras booths have been removed since the celebration ended last month. No festivals or concerts have been announced for the coming months, so the wider halls could stay put for a while until construction on the scare zone gets under way. Halloween Horror Nightswhich begins on September 1.

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