Chocolate Chip Cookies Get ready for Thanksgiving with a festive cookie delivery

With Turkey Day just around the corner, Chocolate Shipped Cookies has a number of special edition cookies, including their most popular Thanksgiving themed cookies. The Thanksgiving cookie is a twist on the bakery’s original glazed cookie with a sprinkling of autumn leaves. Chocolate Shipped Cookies makes fresh, deliverable cookies for customers across the country and aims to bring friends and family together.

“For those who are tasked with bringing dessert to Thanksgiving dinner but have never turned on an oven in their lives, our fresh cookie delivery can save the day” said Matt Cutler, owner of the bakery. “The same goes for people who want to wow the family with dessert but don’t have the time. Our gourmet cookies are the perfect cherry on top of a delicious Thanksgiving meal or the perfect treat to nibble on while shopping on Black Friday.”

Thanksgiving is the second most popular holiday in the US after Christmas, with approximately 90 percent of Americans celebrating it each year. Cutler said that in addition to offering people the ability to deliver Thanksgiving gifts to loved ones far away, cookies make a great corporate gift and can also offer party hosts a shortcut.

“The holidays are a busy time, and cookies in the mail take the pressure off,” Cutler said. “People can have them delivered to their home with the click of a button, and they’ll be ready to satisfy every taste bud in the room.”

Through her mail-order bakery, Cutler continues her mother’s legacy. She started a biscuit business in 1980 to support her family. Cutler later used his mother’s original recipes to open a local bakery, Cutler’s Cookies, which quickly became a Northern Utah staple. Cutler launched Chocolate Shipped Cookies to cater to out-of-town customers looking to satisfy their cookie fix. Now a national cookie delivery companyChocolate Shipped Cookies is committed to maintaining freshness from the oven to the customer’s doorstep.

“For a long time, we’ve set out to improve the delivery process,” said Cutler. “We invested in a state-of-the-art oven, improved our recipes and packaging, and our determination paid off.”

In addition to the best-selling Thanksgiving cookies, other popular cookies include the Chocolate Shipped Cookies assortment – snickerdoodle, chocolate chip, white chocolate pecan, lemon melt and mint cookie. To learn more about Chocolate Shipped Cookies’ Thanksgiving cookie delivery service, visit

About cookies that come with chocolate

Chocolate Shipped Cookies offers delicious cookies that are affordable. Their cookies are made with only the best and freshest ingredients known to man and are baked fresh daily.

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