Cake in a jar: 7 deliciously fun recipes

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, hosting a special gathering, or just have a sweet tooth, cake tins are fun desserts that couldn’t be easier to put together. Simply bake a batch of cupcakes, cut them in half horizontally, then layer in mason jars with frosting, fresh fruit, pie filling, sprinkles… the possibilities are endless! All these layers ensure that you get a bit of creamy frosting and filling with every bite of the cake. What could be better?

How to make the best cake in a jar

One of the best things about cakes in a jar? You can make them as easily or as elaborately as you like – either using pre-made cupcakes and store-bought frosting, or making everything from scratch. First for women director of the test kitchen Susan Chiusano she likes to keep it simple by starting with a boxed cake mix and then pairing it with a super simple homemade buttercream frosting. To make this, simply beat 1 quart of butter (at room temperature) until fluffy, then beat in 4 cups of confectioners’ sugar until light and fluffy. It’s perfect as is, but you can also customize it by mixing in citrus zest, some melted chocolate or your favorite extract – or add a drop of food coloring to make it really pop!

Recipes for cake in a jar

Are you ready to grab a spoon and bite into a delicious cake in a jar? We’ve got some great ideas below that will have people raving and raving – and you’ll love how easy they are to make.

1. Apple Crumble Cupcakes in Jars

Apple Crumble Cupcakes in jars sitting on a green background (cake in a jar)

French vanilla cake, apple pie filling and cinnamon buttercream make for a sweet finale.

2. Cupcakes in jars

Cupcakes in jars sitting on a green background (cake in a jar)

Lemon cupcakes with blueberry pie filling? Chocolate cupcakes with cherries? We mixed and matched until we came up with the tastiest cupcake and cake combos.

3. Two-tiered cupcake liners

Two-tiered cupcake liners lie on a teal background (cake in a jar)

Everyone will love these festive cups filled with two types of cupcakes – red velvet and sprinkles – layered with Nutella and vanilla cream.

4. Caramel apple cupcakes in a jar

Caramel apple cupcakes in a jar sitting on a blue background (cake in a jar)

As cute as it is tasty! We have transformed the delicious taste of caramel apples into a sweet treat.

5. Pastel cupcakes in jars

Pastel cupcakes in jars sitting on a purple background (cake in a jar)

Make every occasion special with pastel-beautiful strawberry, lemon and vanilla cupcakes.

6. Cocktail cupcakes in glasses

Cocktail cupcakes in glasses sitting on a green background (cake in a glass)

Can’t decide between sweets and drinks? You can have them both with these adorably decorated spiked cupcakes in glasses – choose from Mudslide, Strawberry Margarita or Piña Colada flavors.

7. Watermelon cupcakes in jars

Watermelon cupcakes in jars look good (cake in a jar)

This clever cupcake is a sweet twist on a juicy summer favorite that can be enjoyed any time of the year.

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