Brewerkz, Baker & Cook say collaboration is key to closing the upcycled food gap in Asia

Brewerkz and Baker & Cook have teamed up to launch a new beer and sourdough bread made from recycled materials from each firm.

Even before the pandemic, sustainability was always on our radar. I’ve been very interested in overseas craft breweries doing sourdough upcycling, but I haven’t found anyone in Singapore that focuses on this. When the Brewerkz expressed interest in expanding their portfolio of sustainable products and approached us, it was perfect.”Dean Brettschneider, founder of Baker & Cook, said FoodNavigator-Asia.

According to Tan Wee Tuck, co-owner and CEO of Brewerkz, the plan was to create a sustainable beer with surplus bread while also finding a partner to use the company’s stills, called NEWGrain+, for food products.

While food upcycling has “been happening for a long time” in Germany and is gaining popularity in the US and Europe, Brettschneider believes it’s still a relatively niche sector in Asia and collaboration is key to making it mainstream.

“In a sense, it doesn’t cost us anything to thresh, and it doesn’t cost us Brewerkz our leaven. The collaboration allows us to use each other’s by-products, which would otherwise be recyclable materials waiting to be noticed. By combining two reasonably strong brands, there will be a lot more attention (on them).” he added.

Brettschneider sees Singapore as an ideal market for the launch, as local consumers are naturally more open to new and foreign foods due to the country’s multiculturalism.

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