B&G Pies Stops Production; 3B Snacks launches a new range

B&G Pies, a brand founded in Winston-Salem in 1949, is once again without baking equipment. And the former producer for B&G launched his own brand of fried pies under the brand name 3B Snacks.

Since 2016, Buttercreme Bakery at 895 W. Northwest Blvd. made and packaged all of B&G’s pies after owner Shannon Faircloth decided to vacate the building at 2400 Old Lexington Road, which was in need of major repairs.

Earlier this year, Buttercreme owner Drew Borton told Faircloth that he did not want to continue making B&G pies, and they agreed that Buttercreme would continue making pies until the current supply of B&G wrappers ran out. It happened earlier this month.

Borton said he decided to end the seven-year relationship to pursue the opportunity to develop his own business.

Faircloth said she was surprised to learn last week that Buttercreme makes its own fried pies, but that there was no non-compete clause in their agreement. The change caused a flurry of activity on social media last week, with some people saying the pies were the same under the new label.

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Faircloth also raised concerns that Buttercreme may be using B&G recipes, but Borton said he developed his own 3B cake recipes.

“I changed the recipe. I didn’t steal anything,” Borton said in a phone interview. “I just wanted to grow my own brand.

Faircloth said in a phone interview that she was most upset because Borton didn’t tell her he planned to make his own pies. “That’s why I’m upset,” she said. “I just wish he’d just tell me so we could talk.

Faircloth said she would like to continue the B&G brand and is currently looking for a suitable manufacturer to make the pies.

Buttercreme is a family business that has been around since 1980. Drew Borton grew up here and bought it in 2109 from his father, Randy Borton. In addition to the new pie range, other 3B Snacks products include Crème Filled Long Johns, Crème Filled Tiger Tails and Iced Cinnamon Rolls.

3B products are available at local grocery and convenience stores, as well as restaurants such as Pulliams Hot Dogs and BBQ and Kermit’s Hot Dog House.

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